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New Hampshire Seacoast Greenway Alliance (NHSGA)

The New Hampshire Seacoast Greenway Alliance (NHSGA) is a small group of volunteers who have been working to get a non- motorized trail built in New Hampshire. This 15 mile stretch will connect to Maine and Massachusetts and will be part of the 3000 mile Eastcoast greenway. The NHSGA is now an official non- profit group which is spearheading projects associated with the trail including the installation of mileage markers and signage, building parking lots and trail heads and also managing the regular trail maintenance.

As some of us have been working on this for over 17 years, we are very excited that construction of the northern section of the greenway is almost complete.

The NHDOT completion date for the trail is coming soon, however please be advised that the trail is officially closed. Please see our frequently asked questions below for further information.

Although the trail looks like it is ready for use – unfortunately it is closed from North Hampton to Portsmouth due to construction. Please respect the Trail Closed signs.

Scheduled completion for the trail from North Hampton to Portsmouth is October 2024. Although much of the trail is complete and construction is ahead of schedule, NHDOT is still actively working on the road crossings and raised curbs. We are anxiously awaiting their final OK! Please respect the trail closed signs in the meantime.

This is Phase 2 of the project, and it is currently in engineering. It is projected that it will go out for bid in Fall 2024 for a construction start of 2024.

The final section will run from Drakeside Rd in Hampton through Hampton Falls and Seabrook. It will then connect to the trailhead at the Massachusetts border. This is a part of NH Department of Transportation’s 10-year plan and construction is scheduled to begin in 2032.

NH DOT will be finishing the trail with stone dust. Portsmouth is considering paving from Eileen Foley Drive to the new Portsmouth Skate Park. (“Stump Dump”)

As the trail is closed due to ongoing construction, please do not park on or block the trail at the risk of being towed. Trailhead and parking locations are being planned. We hope to be able to list some interim parking locations until trailheads are developed. Portsmouth just received two grants to construct parking lots and North Hampton is working on one as well.

Initial planning is ongoing for several trailheads to include parking and facilities.

This is a part of NH DOT’s 10 year plan and is scheduled for 2032. Once this section is completed, we will be able to ride from Portsmouth to Newburyport.

a. Walking
b. Horse riding
c. XC skiingBicycles

E-Bikes – Class 1 and class 2: defined as Class 1: E-Bikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. Class 2: E-Bikes that also have a maximum speed of 20 mph, but are throttle-assisted.

1. Motorized vehicles including ATV’s, Motorcycles

2. Class 3 E-bikes – Bikes that are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph.

With the introduction of E bikes, the NHSGA will confer with the Towns on the trail and with their local police and fire departments to determine the safest speed limit. We will update this info as soon as possible.

Dogs will be welcome, but owners should keep all pets under control using a leash. And as usual – please pick up after your dog. There will be no doggie poop bags provided – so please bring your own. (and there is no poop fairy!)

This is a carry in, carry out park. There are no trash receptacles and no cleanup crew. Please be a good trail steward and carry out your own trash.

When the trail is complete it will run thorough 6 towns: City of Portsmouth, Rye, Greenland, North Hampton, Hampton and Seabrook. Eventually there will be signs and connections to restaurants, hotels, historic sites etc. on and near the trail.

It starts with you! Please help keep your trail clean. The trail was built with the help of Federal & local grants. Once construction is completed it will be turned over to the towns along the trail for maintenance. (Portsmouth, Rye, Greenland, North Hampton, Hampton and Seabrook.) Towns will rely heavily on volunteers organized by the NHSGA committee to help. Please email us if you are interested in volunteering!


A section of the trail goes by the Coakley landfill which is next to a small marsh on the trail (South of Breakfast Hill Rd in Greenland). Please do not drink this
water or let your children or pets swim.

Currently funds for this project come from many sources including grants, federal and state funding and donations. We welcome donations as we continue to work on signage, building trailheads and maintenance projects. The NHSGA will be developing an “adopt-a-trail” program soon to help with funding.

Donate to the trail here.

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